Local Company provides scholarships for 20 students to attend FCA Summer Camp

CLEVELAND, TENN (WDEF) – Thanks to the help of one local moving company, 20 underserved children will be heading off to Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) summer camp for free.

This camp will give children the opportunity to learn more about Jesus while getting to put their athletic abilities to the test. 

Over the last month, Boundless Moving Company raised over $5,000 to help fully fund summer camp scholarships for underserved children in the area. 

“ We believe in what FCA does locally and with their summer camps. They work with hundreds of middle and high school students building leadership skills, envisioning, strategizing and teamwork. We wanted to get involved after the last year everyone has had,” says Matt Carlson, President and CEO of Boundless Moving and Storage. 

The scholarships were able to fully cover the costs of the camps for 20 children, including Addie Frazier and Tucker White- allowing them the opportunity to participate in the camp and come back – ready to share what they learned with others. 

“Just getting to learn new things and then bringing it back to my FCA and getting to step up and be one of the leaders. We are getting to witness lives change  within our school. I think that’s really important for students to just watch that and teach us things about it,” says Addie Frazier, Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient.

“It helps me to bring it back and show other kids on the basketball team more about Jesus and not just kids in your everyday classrooms. I look forward to competing with other athletes as we learn more about Christ and improve my leadership skills,” says Tucker White, Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient. 

Parents say they are excited for their kids to not only grow in their faith but also in their leadership skills and athletics. 

“We live in a community where a lot of kids have grown up in church but FCA is able to reach kids through Christ through a different Avenue, using their interests of sports, friendships and huddles in school. You can see how that information reaches into the classroom and how it affects their campus as well. People say sports teach character but I believe sports reveal character,” says Eddie Frazier, Father of Addie.

For more information about FCA Summer camps , click here

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