Local Synagogues Celebrate Purim

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Jewish Community is celebrating the holiday of Purim starting tonight.

It lasts through tomorrow.

Purim celebrates the Jewish people being saved from a plot to destroy their culture during the Persian Empire.

It’s based on a story from the Megillah, or the Book of Esther.

The Chabad Jewish Center of Chattanooga is gearing up for the big celebration with two days of activities including reading the Book of Esther, holding a feast, giving back to the community, and practicing gift giving.

The rabbi for the synagogue says that one of the traditions, that of dressing up, holds a deep significance to their community.

Rabbi Shaul Perlstein, the director for the Chabad Jewish Center of Chattanooga, said, “When we look at any person, we come across people who are angry, who are all different types of people that maybe we don’t like, or it doesn’t feel good when we meet them on a regular day but “No” says the Rebbe (a spiritual leader) that this is just a costume. Every person really inside is a miracle, is a piece of God, and therefore overlook the costume, and we’ll be able to bring people together in a much stronger and a more efficient way. ”

This is a special occasion of Purim as this year’s celebration coincides with Hakhel, which comes once every seven years and encourages those of the Jewish faith to come together.

Purim is even being celebrated in war torn locations like Ukraine with Rabbi Perlstein telling News 12 that Rabbis there are celebrating even while wearing bulletproof vests.

To learn more about Purim and more Jewish, visit the Chabad Center’s website.

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The synagogue of the Chabad Jewish Center of Chattanooga.

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