Long Time CFC Player Juan Hernandez Calls it a Career

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It’s the end of an era for the CFC.
Veteran player Juan Hernandez is retiring.
He became the face of the franchise, and the club’s all-time assists leader.
But the native of Spain will remain with the team, and the town he loves, as a CFC coach.

Juan Hernandez came to visit a CFC player in 2015.
While in town, he asked the club for a tryout.
Made the team. And he just never left.
Said Hernandez:”That’s how life plays out sometimes right? I just came for a weekend, and eighy years later, I’m still here.”
Hernandez was on the field in August of 2015 when the CFC set the attendence record for an amateur club with over 18,000 at Fort Finley a championship match.
Said Hernandez:”I remember walking from the hotel to the stadium, and the parking lot was already full two hours before the game. It was already full. Like people were cheering in the parking lot. They were doing a barbeque. Just that walk. Okay. Something is cooking today. Something is going to happen.”
Reporter:”And it’s not just the barbeque.”
Said Hernandez:”And it’s not just the barbeque, so we got to bring the sauce now.” (laughs)
Another magical moment came when CFC hosted Real Betis and their super-star player Joaquin Sanchez Rodriguez.
Said Hernandez:”So that’s a team from Spain for LaLiga. Their captain Joaquin was one of the players that I grew up watching in the World Cups. So watching or walking next to him like as a captain too. Talking and communicating.”
It’s only fitting Hernandez is moving into coaching. It runs in his family.
Said Hernandez:”My dad was a volleyball coach. Professional. He played with Spain. Coached the national team to the Olympics and all of that. My sister is currently the Portugal national synchronized swimming coach.”
Reporter:”Why do so many people like Juan Hernandez?”
Said CFC head coach Rod Underwood:”Well look here’s the catch right. I mean when you present yourself in the proper way, people will like you. And when you present yourself in a way that you want to help others, people will like you.”
Said Hernandez:”The last eight years of my life. My wife I met her while she was part of CFC. I mean it’s part of me.”

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