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Missing Maine Coon Cat

Our sweet outdoor cat, Zuri is missing and has been for 5 days! She has never been gone this long and we are missing her. She's a fixed Maine coon cat, with a white under belly and back legs. She…

Lost Dog - Blue Nosed Pitt

Blue nose Pitt named Edward-duke has a gray collar on and was last seen on Back Valley Road, Chattanooga TN. Contact (423) 227-6717.

Lost Tan and White Dog

Ollie, Missing since 10 am January 8, 2023 Tan with some white markings, Mixed breed micro chip, 1 year old Contact (423) 315-6435.

LOST All Grey Short Tailed Kitty

All Grey cat about a year and a half old. Female cat with a MEDIUM sized tail. Looks like it got cut in half. Super cute and soft! Contact (865) 356-4640.

Lost Black & White Shih Tzu Bichon Mix

Lost downtown Chattanooga area on November 19, 2022. Black and white female Shih Tzu Bichon mix, 10 years old. She is very fluffy right now. Her name is Ruffles. She does not have her collar on. She is very skittish…

Missing - Black & White Cat Lookout Valley

My old girl,a black and white senior cat went missing on a late night outing. It was September 14 2022 to be exact. She has a broken crooked tail, bad hearing and vision problems. She was last seen near la…

LOST - Mini Goldendoodle

Our beloved mini goldendoodle, Ginger, disappeared on October 1st. She is a tan / red color with brown eyes and weighs around 25 lbs. She is very sweet and loving and we are devastated without her. Contact (423) 322-8679.

2 Lost Cats in Lake Hills Neighborhood

2 LOST CATS (1 male, 1 female) that ran out on Davis Lane in the Lake Hills neighborhood behind the Childcare Network daycare right off the Bonny Oaks exit off Hwy 153. Domestic shorthairs named Tubby and Nibbles, neither had…

Lost White Pitbull Mix

Her name is Lola, a white pitbull mix with brown spots. Lola was last seen on September 24 @3:30 when a neighbors camera caught a video of a couple putting her into their car and driving off right next to…

Lost Black & White Tuxedo Cat

She's a tuxedo cat, my dearest best friend. She is a 12 year old senior cat, with a crooked broken tail she has had since she was a kitten. I just want her returned whoever has her. She wouldn't come…

Lost Dog in Lakesite

Missing since 7/24/22. White with tan markings female American Bulldog/Great Dane mix. She isn't wearing her collar. She has been spayed. Her name is Maya but she also answers to Moo Moo. She is terrified of storms and shy when…

Lost Cat in Hixson

Black long-haired/fluffy male cat lost on 7/14/22 in the Northwoods neighborhood off Hwy 153 in Hixson. Contact (931) 214-3006.

Found: Blond Dog on Hwy 153

Blond female maybe husky mix. Very sweet dog . I found her in the middle lane of TN 153 south on 7-11-22. Please contact me if you know where she belongs . Mary 423-681-0649.

Lost Cat Near Midland Pike

All white male cat named Moby Dick (neutered indoor cat). He has been missing since June 3 and was last seen in north Brainerd near Midland Pike wearing a blue collar with moons on it and my phone number! He…

Lost Cat Near Vance Ave. and Buckley

Baby Girl was lost 6/28/22 near Vance Ave. and Buckley. She has medium length black fur with a White Tuxedo, white paw tips and weighs about 9 pounds. The tip of her left ear has been clipped and she has…

Brown Dog Found on Suck Creek Mountain

Young female brown dog. Sweet temperament. She was walking up Suck Creek Mountain in the road with no collar on and cars zipping around her. She's clean and is someone's pet. Contact (423) 774-0549.

Lost Smokey Grey Tabby in Old Soddy

Our 10lb female Smokey grey striped tabby short hair went missing between 3pm and 6pm Sunday, 6/26, at the corner of Ducktown Rd and Old Dayton Pike in Soddy. Contact (423) 650-8902.

Missing - Blonde Yorkie

Oscar went missing last Wednesday night on the 25th of May. Oscar is a male yorkie with short to medium silver and blonde/golden hair. He had just gotten out of the bath, and we unfortunately did not get his collar…

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