Making A Name For Herself!

There’s a young girl from Rossville who is “tearing up” the world of karate.

And it’s hard to believe what she’s accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Kaylee Anderson has only truly been active in the world of martial arts for one year. One.

Kaylee has already won more awards than most of us could ever dream about. But the thing is: Kaylee is only ten years old

She trains with many other students. Some are champions as well.

For Kaylee, her father Allen is her coach. Allen has spent a lifetime in martial arts. He knew what he saw……when he saw it!!

“Right away, I could see it. I knew. I’ve seen thousand’s of kids come thru martial arts. There’s a lot of talent in the lady!”

Talent for sure. Kaylee is a regional champ, a national champ and a world champ. Ranked number one in several listings.

This past year has been one of training, travel and competitions. And there’s many more to come.  All In the midst of the pandemic

Allen says it’s a delicate balance being a coach and father at the same time. But he says it’s very rewarding.

“It’s tough with the traveling, all the tournaments, it’s tough. But as a parent, I’m extremely proud.”

Kayle says she loves what she’s doing. But she has even bigger goals.

“I love the sport. But I actually want to be in the movies some day. I would like to be an actress.”

So there you have it!  A champion at ten.

Undoubtedly, much more to come. And maybe, just maybe…..the “Silver Screen!”



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