Marion Co Baseball a Family Affair For Scott and Roy Barton

Jasper, TN-(WDEF-TV) Marion County baseball won their district title earlier this week, and there to accept the award was a father and son coaching combo.

News 12’s Brian Armstrong explores the family duo and sees how this partnership works both on and off the baseball diamond.

Marion county baseball is a family affair. Head coach Scott Barton has been coaching alongside his dad, assistant coach Roy Barton,for the past 16 years.

Scott: “He’s 75 years old.He’s still energetic, shows up every single day, beats everyone here, has a facility open, and I think the kids kind of feed off that and see the energy there.”

Roy: “Once I started helping him in high school,I realize he’s the boss, he’s the headman now, so I just follow instructions”

Scott: “.He knows when to ask me questions or to leave me alone.”

Roy used to coach his son, and now they are coaching together, which has brought them closer together.

Scott “We’ll talk two or three times throughout the day.He’s a great role model.That’s all I can say.He’s just a great role model.”

And it gives Roy extra time with his grandkids.

Roy “Played this since they were tiny, him and my older son.And then I’ve got five grandkids, I’vegot another one that maybe I’ll live long enough to see him come through.He’s ten now, but when you spend all that time together,”

It doesn’t mean you’re always going to agree.

Scott: “I think we’ve had one little incident in 16 years where we didn’t speak to each other for a few days, but other than that, it’s been smooth.

Roy even had to fill in for his son.When Scott was thrown out of the SouthPittsburgh game,

Scott: that was the first timeI’d ever been thrown out of the game.And for him to have to take the lead and make those decisions, it was one of those moments

Roy: “I Didn’t know what I was going to do.That’s the first time we’ve ever been thrown in that position.But the other coaches now, we made it through and won the game, so we were all happy.Of course, we rub him about it now all the time.At least we won the game and that we’re there ready to step in anytime he gets thrown out”

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