Marion County virtual school

MARION COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF)- “There are some parents that are nervous, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve heard from some of those parents especially regarding the way the numbers are,” said Marion County Superintendent Mark Griffith.

Marion County is part of the 29 new virtual schools approved by Tennessee.

Marion County virtual school already had a sixth through 12 virtual offering but now it will also be offered to children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

“We’re using a program that’s not anything like what we’ve had in the past,” said Griffith.

Griffith says there are about 50 kids in the program. He says around half are from Marion County and the other half are from outside of the area.

“We just felt like we wanted to provide instructions for the students. And also reach out to homeschool students and different things like that to bring them onboard into the Marion County school system,” said Griffith.

He says although virtual learning became far more common during the covid-19 pandemic, Marion County’s virtual school is not that same thing.

“When we decided to continue the virtual platform we just decided to go with the program versus our current teachers pushing it into the homes over or from their home pushing into the classroom,” said Griffith.

Tennessee has allowed virtual schools since 20-11 and there are currently 57 Tennessee virtual schools.

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