Marjorie Taylor Greene gets Committee Assignments

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDEF) — Georgia House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was selected to sit on the House Homeland Security, and Oversight and Accountability Committees.

She was selected by the House GOP Steering Committee. The decision will still need to be approved by the entire House GOP.

The House Homeland Security Committee has jurisdiction over the U.S. border.

She made this comment on her addition to the Homeland Security Committee:

“It will be my honor to serve my constituents and the American People on the House Committee on Homeland Security to focus on the security of the United States. Our Southern border is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens, criminals, and potential terrorists. Our People are being murdered by Chinese fentanyl flooding in from the cartels. Our Border Patrol and ICE agents have their hands tied and have been turned into a welcoming committee by the Biden administration. Cyber-attacks continue on our nation’s people and businesses along with many more threats to our homeland.”

The Oversight and Accountability Committee provides checks and balances on the federal government.

“One of the key agenda items for the Republican majority in the 118th Congress is oversight,” Greene said. “That’s why I’m honored to be selected to serve on what could arguably be the most important committee this Congress, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. We will return the role of the Oversight Committee to investigating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement of the federal government, which is exactly what the American people are fed up with.”

Greene was previously removed from her committee assignments in February 2021, because of certain offensive remarks she made.

The selection of Greene for committee assignments follows Kevin McCarthy’s election to Speaker of the House.

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