Marjorie Taylor Greene returns to Twitter

Multiple posts about the vaccine, January 6th and raising money for her attorney fees

(WDEF) – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is back on Twitter, with a vengeance.

She was one of the politicians whose Twitter account was reinstated by Elon Musk on Monday.

Twitter suspended her personal account in January over what they deemed was disinformation about COVID-19 in January.

She maintains that millions of people have died from the vaccine. Her last post offered a chart of the deaths.

Her Congressional account that she uses only for “legislation and policy ideas” was never shutdown.

Greene’s first post back was an hour-plus video in which she made the argument that free speech is dead.

“Free speech is dead. And I know that sounds like something interesting to say, especially the very day that I get my personal Twitter account back. But the reality is I should have never lost it in the first place.”

She says the most damage to her was that she was not able to use her twitter account to raise money to pay legal fees.

On Tuesday, Greene made numerous posts about the vaccine, January 6th and soliciting donations for the fees.


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