Marvene Noel says it’s time to get to business in District 8; wishes her runoff opponent ‘good luck’ in next endeavor

Noel addresses the crime issue in her district; says the community needs to come together to help solve the issues

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga held a runoff election Thursday for District 8 between incumbent Marvene Noel and Marie Mott.

Things got testy on one side, and silent on the other.

48 hours after Noel was declared the winner, she spoke to News 12 about her win, her next order of business, and her runoff opponent, Marie Mott.

“The people spoke. The constituents in District 8 spoke, and you have to accept that. It’s the democratic way.”

Noel won the runoff election for District 8 on Thursday, and now she can take off the interim tag on her City Council title.

She says it is now time to get her district some help.

“Am I sure exactly what that is, 100%? I am not, but the only way I’m going to know that, and the only way we’re going to figure it out is we’re going to have to bring the people together in Orchard Park. In Historic Orchard Knob. In Avondale. In Churchville. In Bushtown.”

Just blocks away from Noel’s church was a shooting two weeks ago. It was one of a cluster of shootings in her district.

Noel recognizes that the shootings are a problem, but says the community needs to unite to help their neighbors get better and be better.

“These things can be solved. Will we ever be rid of crime? Absolutely not but do we have to have it as prevalent as it is now? I believe not. I just think it’s going to take us coming together and figuring it out.”

Noel has figured out what she’s doing for the near future. Her runoff opponent, Marie Mott, has as well.

She announced in an Instagram post on Friday that she’s accepted her loss to Noel, but she’s going for a higher position: Mayor of Chattanooga. Noel has some advice for Mott.

“She has a right to run for any office that she wants to run for. The only thing I can say to her is that I wish her well in whatever endeavor she decides to take on, but I also would say ‘Good luck with that.'”

Noel says she’s worked very well with her colleagues at City Council, but says her vote will always be with her constituents, and not always what the city might like.

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