Mayor; commissioner speak with Sale Creek community over farm

SALE CREEK, Tennessee (WDEF) – Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger and County Commissioner Randy Fairbanks spoke to the community about the newly acquired $16 million McDonald farm.
Coppinger and Fairbanks said they wanted to set the record straight after they have heard several rumors about what plans were for the farm.
Coppinger told the area residents that Hamilton County had the first right of refusal for purchase and other private people wanted to buy the nearly 2,000 acres of land.
He said when the country owns it, it gives the taxpayers have a say.
“When we tell you nothings going on believe us. I mean there’s no reason to give you misinformation. But it’s really hard for us to overcome a lot of miss information that goes out over social media and then everybody gets upset thinking somethings going to happen that’s just not true,” said Coppinger.
Coppinger said he expects several more meetings over the next several years with the community to update on what projects could come to the area in the future.
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