Mayor Kelly’s proposed budget gets publics backing at council meeting

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Chattanooga’s citizens could walk up to the podium, speak two minutes and tell the council why they should or shouldn’t pass the mayor’s proposed fiscal budget. 

“We need the pay increase to maintain the officers here. It’s not for me like I said I got my 25 but it’s for the officers coming up we’re gonna lose them,” said Moss.

For the last few weeks and again Tuesday numerous Chattanooga employees, firefighters, and police officers have repeatedly stressed the importance of passing the budget and approving the pay increase. 

“I also know there’s gonna be a time I might have to get a second job. And starting at the time of $28,000 it became a necessity. Fast forward 15 years and it is still a necessity,” 

“The budget would go a long way and attracting employees and critical jobs that are currently unfilled as well as retaining experienced employees for many critical and essential jobs throughout the city.”

The council asked if anyone present didn’t want the budget passed, and no one said they didn’t.

This is my ninth budget and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that so thank you to the mayor and the administration and for all of you for everything you do every single day to support this city.

The first vote of the proposed budget is September 7th. 

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