Mayor Tim Kelly Talks ‘One Chattanooga’ Initiatives at JFK Club

Mayor Tim Kelly stopped by the JFK club of Chattanooga today to speak about his plans for Chattanooga.

Kelly spoke about his One Chattanooga initiatives in detail including Universal Early Learning, affordable housing, and more.

Kelly says the main problem with housing is the supply and code ordinances.

He says his administration will take it on as a major project.

When asked about his early childhood education plan, this was his response.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly says, “County school board really doesn’t fool with anything before kindergarten unless I am woefully misinformed. So, it is the province of the city, and I think we have an opportunity to get it right really wired up. My challenge is to create – to systematize the early childhood system.”

Mayor Kelly says they will be evaluating the track of the One Chattanooga vision every year.

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