McCallie Baseball Looks to Defend Their State Title at Spring Fling

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The McCallie baseball team returns to spring fling this week, looking to defend their state title. Big Blue won in dramatic style last season, and they know they’ll endure plenty of drama again, if they’re going to repeat as state champs.

What a memorable state championship game for McCallie last year.
How ’bout 5 runs in their last at-bat for a walk-off 14-13 victory.
Said second baseman Reece Jordan:”I feel like we lived it. We lived it while it happened.”
Said head coach Tim Costo:”You are awesome. You are awesome. Great job.”
While last year’s game doesn’t affect the upcoming games this year, at least McCallie knows.. it ain’t over till it’s over.
Said Jordan:”That just shows that you are never out of it. Like in the dugou, you can’t get down. Can’t get down on your team.”
Said Costo:”Baseball is a different sport. Sometimes the best team doesn’t always win. Last year was a perfect example with us. We just started to peak at the end of the year, and everything came together.”
This year’s team heads to Spring Fling leaning on their pitching staff.
Said Costo:”Yeah I mean we’ve got three guys. Our region starters are all going to Division one programs, and they’re all extremely good.”
Last year’s banner looks nice, but if Big Blue can make it back-to-back crowns, they’ll be making school history.
Said Jordan:”I’d be ecstatic as a senior going out back-to-back. Winning another one with my guys. I think that’d be great.”
Never hurts to have good mojo goin’ to the Boro.
McCallie kids are bleaching their hair.
Said pitcher Hudson Calhoun:”I can’t look at myself in the mirror. I get scared every time I do it.”
Reporter:”What does your momma think?”
Said Calhoun:”She was not too happy. I had to tell her over a phone call, since she doesn’t live up here. When I had to tell her, I was like I’m doing it. She was just like, you know it’s going to affect you for six months. I was like yeah, it’s worth it.”
Said Costo:”I think our pitching coach might. He’s supposed to show up today with blonde hair. I don’t. I’m not going to do it.”
Said Jordan:”As soon as Sebastian did it, his hair was orange. He has like black hair, and so he sent me a picture the night that he did it, and it just looked terrible. Like it was really bad.”

McCallie opens the double elimination tournament Tuesday afternoon against Lipscomb Academy.

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