McCallie Prepares For Another Go Round Against Talented MBA Quarterback Marcel Reed

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Hasn’t McCallie seen enough of MBA’s dynamic quarterback Marcel Reed?
They’ve already beaten him in two state title games.
Now they have to knock off the Ole Miss commit once again, as Big Blue and Big Red battle in the state semi-finals on Friday.

Said defensive lineman Carson Gentle:”He’s a total dual threat”
He sure is. This year Reed has 17-hundred yards passing and nearly 800 yards rushing with 33 total touchdowns. Apparently Reed’s abilities turn defenses into special teams.
Said head coach Ralph Potter:”It’s almost like you are playing a punt return every time. Somebody catches the ball in space and how you teach a punt return is almost how you have to play him. You tell them not to tackle like the Keystone Cops. You go chase him, and then you chase him back. You have to really focus on the near hip and know that you have a partner coming from the other side. If you try to tackle him individually, it’s not going to happen.”
Carson Gentle witnessed one of those keystone cop moments.
Said Gentle:”We had insanely good pressure. He starts scrambling back. I think he ran probably like 200 yards on this play in total. He kept going side-to-side. Back-to-back. Then he ended up running for about a 20-yard gain.”
Reed’s arm is just as lethal.
Said safety Ollie Carter:”He can throw it anywhere on the field at anytime.”
It’s a conundrum for the defense.
Said Carter:”You don’t want to focus on the receives so much so that he’ll be running out of the pocket, and you don’t have anybody to tackle him. Then you worry about tackling him, and you leave your receivers open. He’s about to cross the line of scrimmage, and then he’ll make a throw to the other side of the field.”
MBA beat McCallie earlier this year 23-20, but that was Big Red’s lowest points total of the year, so McCallie’s defense is aware of what needs to be done.
Said Gentle:”Sort of limited him passing a lot. Getting in his face. I think we held him to 8 for 25. So getting in his face and making him throw off his back foot is a big thing.”

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