McCallie Tennis Team Ranked Number One in America

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The number one ranked high school tennis team in America resides in the Scenic City. McCallie was recently voted number one in the Universal Tennis Poll rankings. The Blue Tornado captured a state title last season, and now it seems their talent has captured the eyes of the country.

Even though Jeff Clark is the head tennis coach at McCallie, he wasn’t even the first one in his family to learn that Big Blue was ranked number one.
Said Clark:”My daughter Caroline turned to me when I got home from work last Friday and said hey dad, have you seen this. I said what are you talking about. She said you guys moved up a spot in the rankings, and that was pretty good news.”
Said player Colin Tuttle:”I was at dinner with my friends, and I checked my phone, and there’s a text from Coach Clark in a group chat. Just kind of like a screenshot. The rankings said McCallie number one. Made my week. Maybe even made my year.”
Why not enjoy your time in the sun…at number one.
Said Clark:”It’s a really cool thing. It’s not every day that you get ranked number one at anything much less number one in a national poll. I’m just really happy for our boys. I’m happy for our coaches.”
McCallie certainly has a resume worthy of being ranked number one. Since 20-19, they’ve posted a 32-1 record.
Said Andreas Sillaste:”Well I think at least last year. I don’t think we lost any doubles matches. That’s the big one I think. I think every match we won 3-0 in doubles. Got the doubles points easily.”
Said Clark:”Thankfully we returned the majority of our team. So I think the boys who returned just said hey, we’ve got to keep this going. It’s fun to work hard. It’s fun to win. Let’s keep it up.”
Now Big Blue will have to hunker down for everyone’s best hot.
Said Tuttle:”Being number one. You just have the ultimate bullseye on your back. Everybody is coming for you.”
Reporter:”Any perks coming with being number one. Maybe a day off from school? Or something better at lunch or anything like that?”
Said Tuttle:”Not really. Honestly it might be a little harder now since we’ve got a lot more pressure on us.”

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