McCallie’s Aaron Crowder Hoping to Get Third State Championship Ring

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) McCallie has been pretty much unstoppable this year. The number one Blue Tornado is favored in tonight’s semifinal game against Pope John Paul — which means team captain Aaron Crowder is two wins away from three rings. Not many high school athletes can say that. According to Crowder, the only proper way to end this currently undefeated season is with another gold ball trophy.

Said Crowder: “I believe there’s no team that can beat us either.”

The Blue Tornado has destroyed every obstacle in its path to a state championship so far. The defending two-time champs have outscored opponents by 25 points on average.

Said head coach Ralph Potter: “When you’ve been winning, you just think that it’s going to happen.”

Said Crowder: “I go around and hear, ‘I don’t expect anyone to beat y’all.’ So the weight is real, and the pressure is up there.”

Said Potter: “The fear of losing is a productive thing. It can make you prepare — it’s not that we’ve been complacent or that we haven’t practiced hard or played hard. There’s a difference between doing that and finding something else inside you that’s born out of fear and desperation.”

Nine teams in state history have won three straight titles. However, even just the potential to do so is new to McCallie.

Said Potter: “It’s pretty rare for us. So yeah, we haven’t even come close to that before. I hope we have the opportunity. I hope we can follow through on it. We just have to play the best we can and see what happens.”

Said Crowder: “End it out with a bang! At this point, it’s only right that we end it out with a ring because you know we had an undefeated season, and then on top of that, it’s the 20th anniversary of the ’01 championship, so I was like, ‘Huh, how would it be to win the exact same way they did 20 years later.’ The outcome is like a must.”

Reporter: “Are you going to feel like Tom Brady if you have three rings?”

Said Crowder: *laughs* “Something like that.”

Said Potter: “No. I’m never going to feel like Tom Brady. *laughs* He’s pretty good.”

Said Crowder: “It’s going to feel really, really good if we make it there and we win because like I said, two felt really good. Get three, senior year, end my senior year off with a bang.”

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