McCallie’s Ralph Potter Shares Glimpse of His Football Life

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Baylor and McCallie renew their annual rivalry Friday night. Blue Tornado head coach Ralph Potter knows all about this Scenic City Showdown. He saw his father, Pete, coach in the game. Ralph played in the contest as a quarterback at McCallie, and he has even coached at both schools.

He recently sat down with News 12’s Rick Nyman to give us a glimpse of his football and coaching journey.

Ralph Potter played for his father Pete at McCallie.
But Ralph’s decision to enter coaching traveled deeper than blood lines.
Potter:”I was actually a counselor at a McCallie day camp. We had all these guys running around playing. We’d all have games and sports. Hey my group did well, and it pumped me up. Felt like I could do that.”
Best coaching advice Potter got came from his dad who told Ralph to be himself.
Potter:”That helped me to never try to imitate him. I learned things from him. The coaching philosophy and what it all means for young people. I never really tried to be him. Never tried to imitate him in any way because I was different from him.”
Best high school player Potter ever faced?
How bout a legend. Howard’s Reggie White.
Potter:”I remember my Dad saying look, here’s what you are going to do. Reggie was a tight end on our offense. He said just get up on him and hold him. If they throw a flag on you, but don’t let him off the line. We really held him to I think one catch. That catch was over my head for a touchdown. And he would go to the official, and he would say, Mr ref, they’re holding me. Bobby and I would look at each other and go yes, we’ll hold you again too buddy.” (chuckles)
Potter has also dea

lt with a coaching legend in Nick Saban.
Potter:”He’s very professional. Extremely professional, and he’s very personable. I will have to say of all the coaches I’ve met, he’s on a different level.”
Potter is a fan of history and one historical figure in particular.
Potter:”I like (Winston) Churchill I suppose because he’s a flawed character. Very complicated person. He was faced with an impossible situation with very little political support from his own party. The sheer guts that he had to see a vision forward and to convince everybody else to come along with him. That was an amazing thing.”

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