McMinn Central Showing Marked Improvement This Season

Englewood, TN-(WDEF-TV) McMinn Central has won four games in a row to improve to 4-1. That’s a solid start to the season, particularly when you factor in over the previous two seasons, McMinn Central only had 4 wins total. News 12 ‘s Brian Armstrong spoke with the coach this week about how in his second year in charge he has been able to turn the program around.

Said second year head coach Matt Moody:”I think the biggest thing for us is me and Mere too they know what’s expected of them. Every day in the weight room. Every day Bradys and we just got some great leader ship coming out of the group it’s a special group. I continue to say in a lot of different interviews that last year we didn’t make the playoffs and we took two weeks after the regular season and we’ve been after it ever since November.”

Having a winning record this far into the season is a new feeling for this senior class and this senior class has worked hard to earn this success.

Said Moody:”Super proud of the senior class that we’ve got, but  when we talk about what’s the biggest factor it’s our senior leader ship. I’m teaching those guys what it’s like to be in that position.”

McMinn Central has won four games in a row, three of them by 20 or more points.

Said Moody:”We talk about it all the time any When we can get them Friday night helps because I’m a big believer in momentum.”

And that physical mindset started nearly a year ago after last season ended.

Said Moody:”It’s a mindset really for us I started back in November. Just playing hard playing for one another and I think the weight room has made a big difference and how we play this season as opposed to season ago.”

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