McMinn Co Feeds Off the Energy From Head Coach Randy Casey

Athens, TN-(WDEF-TV) McMinn County is a win against Cleveland tonight from winning the district title.

News 12’s Brian Armstrong shows how McMinn County Head Coach Randy Casey will be on the pacing up and down the sidelines, coaching his players, making sure they have fun and showing his typically enthusiastic emotions.

Said Casey: We get in the huddle, hey coach, there is only one boss in the room and everybody cracks up.

Coach Randy Casey came to McMinn County and brought with him a winning style and a healthy dose of emotion.

Said Casey: Last year when I got down here I got two or three technicals early because the officials were like this guy is loud and he’s emotional and he’s this that and the other. I wasn’t getting after them I was excited about my team and this year they’ve kind of calm down and I guess I calmed down too.

Coach Casey can always be seen frantically moving around the sidelines.

Said Casey: My guys feed off of that too and they know if I’m dialed in and they see me jumping around and acting silly and all that. They know that I’m ready so that they gotta be ready. I told him all the time, listen guys I’m 57 years old if I can bring it every day and you’re 17 you sure I can bring it every day.

Said senior Caden Hester: We go back and watch The film and we’ll see him going nuts on the sidelines beard and practice we just make fun of them for it. We’re tickled with him with it.

And his players have fun with and have their favorite ones.

Said senior Davion Evans: There’s only one boss in the room. Come on guys I don’t know what we’re doing, I don’t know we’re doing

Said Hester: Oh gosh. If you ever watch him and he gets mad the ball up he swings his head around and goes no.

Said senior Tucker Monroe: He puts both hands behind his head like this when someone turns of Oliver is the best one.

Said senior Hayden Smith: He just like you like. Like you know better you gotta fix it.

Said Casey: They know where that line is and someone stepped over it and they may get their hand slapped figuratively. They’ll get chewed out a little bit but I’m blessed I’ll say that I have great kids.

Coach Casey also knows when he needs to be kept in check.

Said Casey: I told one official hey I’m probably gonna go out there and when it happens not gonna be pleasant, talking about going out on the floor. He put his arms around me wrap me up and said Coach no you’re not. I’m not gonna let you do that. You’re not going out there. After the game I said thank you, his name is Randy to, I said thank you ready because you kept me from showing my you know what.

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