McMinn County Attorney suspended from practicing

Court cites poor communication with clients and letting several deadlines pass

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Tennessee Supreme Court has increased the suspension of an attorney in McMinn County, saying the original punishment was not severe enough.

Joseph H. Crabtree, Jr. has been suspended from the practice of law for three years in Tennessee.

A Hearing Panel originally suspended him for just two plus years, but the Supreme Court decided that was “inconsistent with the serious nature of Mr. Crabtree’s conduct.”

They had four complaints against Crabtree over a two year period.

They each involved poor communication and follow-up with clients, missed deadlines and unfinished work.

One of his clients only found out her case had been dismissed when she went to the court clerk’s office trying to find out what was happening.

They say he charged her without informing her.

In another case, they say he allowed the statutes of limitations to expire on claims event though his client brought it to him in plenty of time to act.

The court ruled that Crabtree was no better on his own behalf.

He tried several motions to block the discipline but failed to file sufficient briefs and paperwork.

His appeal was dismissed.

“The Supreme Court thoroughly reviewed the record and noted Mr. Crabtree’s apathetic and unconcerned attitude toward his professional obligations, including the proceedings against him.”

This was not his first run-in with disciplinary action.

The state Supreme Court censured him when he as practicing in nearby Monroe County in 2011.

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