Meigs Co Running Back Tylan Kraskouskas Bouncing Back From Horrible Leg Injury

Decatur, TN-(WDEF-TV) The M-O for Meigs County over the years has been a physical rushing attack. And leading the Tigers ground game this year is a running back who couldn’t run or walk last season after a terrible ATV accident. News 12’s Brian Armstrong has the comeback story.

Said Tylan Kraskouskas:”It killed me and I was just like oh this is going to be a long road back to recovery.”

Meigs county running back Tylan Kraskouskas was in a sand rail accident and badly injured both of his legs.

Said head coach Jason Fitzgerald:”Not only his leg but his legs. There’s four bones in there was five breaks. When I got that text from his dad I was in Groce a lot of softball game tournament it was a bit of the end of May or first of June and when I saw the pictures I was just worried about him never walking again.”

Said Kraskouskas:”It was dramatic. It changed my life I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had a lot of really good group around me to support me where I am now.”

One of the goals in Ty had rehab was to get back on the football field but, physically therapy had its ups and downs.

Said Kraskouskas:”My first day when I could barely walk without my boots on and my ankles were just stuck. I can’t even get them to a 90° it killed me and I was like oh this is going to be a long road to recovery.”

But to start the season he made his way on to the field.

Said Kraskouskas:”I think the first day of spring practice when I got released from PT and I was able to come hit. Hearing was fun at first I was scared but I loved it able to hit and play with my teammates again.”

Said Fitzgerald:”I seen pictures of the legs and another doctor say that they are healing well but just as a couch you still get in the back your mind what if something happens.”

After he took the first couple hits.

Said Kraskouskas:”I was a little bit scared I was scared a little bit but after a couple hits I was like I’m back there’s no pain I’m good. I can run it I’m all good.”

When he scored his first touchdown a sense of joy came over him.

Said Kraskouskas:”It was the most amazing thing ever. I feel like everything paid off and I can still go I started my first two sessions at home and it felt like love and I was just so excited to score a touchdown with my team and my family.”

And now his coaches and teammates use it as motivation

Said Fitzgerald:”It just shows the team that no obstacles too big. Do you think you’ve got some obstacles. TY sitting there with five brakes and two legs and go second that he just has nothing to do better over time. You have a safe and God through it.”

Said Kraskouskas:”I think I’ve been motivation for my jam. If you are can do it anyone to do it gives us a little extra extra work extra wrap the extra yards extra Hicks it’s a model for a team if I can do it anybody can do it because it’s what I’ve been through it’s crazy. ”

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