Mocs Basketball Ready For Dan Earl Era

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The sports calendar is really starting to fill up — besides football and post season baseball — Mocs Basketball is less than a month away from starting up. There is a new man in charge and a lot of news faces on the court —

News 12s Brian Armstrong gives us our Mocs season preview.

Chattanooga Mocs basketball AJ Caldwell is a returning face for the Mocs

Said Caldwell:”It feels like it’s been eight years but it’s really been five or six. I’ve enjoyed the ride as long as I can so if Alabama help me grow it now and Jack it’s kinda like my home.”

But for the most part he is surrounded by new faces.

Said Caldwell:”Just getting acclimated. Everything new coaches come on you guys last two years you’ve seen a lot of the same people so just seeing your faces and having an entire new system and we are going about things it’s been a little bit of adjustment but I’ve been happy with it’s kind of been a seamless transition staff made it really easy for other players does seem to fit right in.”

Where are the guys with the summer so that her brother we’ve had some team activities, and so bonding and we really have a group of guys, I got your guys really like each other. They seem to like us in the coaching staff. Now as I told them we haven’t started hanging out when it yet or take any losses so.

Head coach Dan Earl, transfers, and graduation have changed this team that won the SoCon last year and nearly upset Illinois in the NCAA tournament. So with so many new faces means a new system.

Said Earl:”We’re putting a bunch of stuff and as you know with us being in the coaching staff, new for everybody the terminology with her expectations are what I look like but it’s been exciting guys have been working extremely hard and working hard to get going here.”

Said Caldwell:”A lot of times I’ve been I’ve wanted to do the ball and I’ve been able to but I would coach her on staff more exciting than going to breakfast every day and be able to know that you have the green-light almost whenever you want.”

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