Mocs Fans Greet SoCon Champs After Possibly the Greatest Shot in UTC History

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) When you hit an amazing shot that defines March Madness like David Jean Baptiste did for the Mocs Monday night. Surprise. Surprise. A lot of people turn out to see you come back home. Chattanooga returned to campus Tuesday as SoCon tournament champs. Guys are still in a daze over the way they punched their ticket to the Big Dance.

Said head coach Lamont Paris: “Indescribeable in terms of how many people are just so happy. And you think about the impact that it has on not just your players, but their families and friends. People that came. The communities. The students back here. It’s an unbelievable thing to see and be apart of.”

Reporter: “Has the shock worn off at all?”

Said Baptiste: “No it hasn’t. It’s still shocking to this moment. I’m still not sure when it’s going to, but it’s crazy man.”

Said Paris: “Because of the fashion that it happened. I mean it was literally the number one trending topic in the whole country. And so that’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool for these guys.”

Reporter: “Do you think that was the greatest shot in UTC history?”

Said Baptiste: “Man. They’ve been saying that. Every time I hear it, it’s almost reality. It very well may be. It’s crazy that my name may be attached to that moment.”

Reporter: “Was that the greatest shot in UTC history?”

Said Paris: “Well I. If there’s another one better then I have yet to see it. But it’s just. I think it was so powerful in so many ways. Not only for what it stood for, but the fact it was David Jean Baptiste and his whole legacy here.”

Said Baptiste: “It’s unreal man. It’s unreal. There’s no words to describe the moment man. A kid just growing up from Miami. A small Haitian kid growing up. It’s crazy that God had all of this planned for me. It’s beyond my eyes. It’s unreal.”

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