Mocs Football Coaches React to New Proposals to Speed Up the Game

Chattanooga, (WDEF-TV) Do college football games last too long?
The NCAA football rules committee is considering some new rules to speed up the game, although it’s falling under the umbrella of player safety.
Perhaps the biggest consideration, the clock will start after an incomplete pass as soon as the ref spots the ball. How do Mocs coaches feel about the proposals?
Brian Armstrong has the answers.

Said head coach Rusty Wright: We can have the ball maybe 3, 4 series game playing someone like that.

New college football clock rules are being proposed. If the rules changes take place the clock won’t stop while the chains move for a first down and the clock will wind after the ref spots the ball after an incomplete pass.

Said Wright: 15-20 plays out of game. We average about 70 to 75 plays an offense about 65 on defense so you’re talking maybe three series on average coming out of the game.

Said defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward: If we know the clocks not going to stop on an incomplete pass or stuff like that I can call more bass defenses to keep the ball and bounce and do things that will keep the clock running for sure.

Under the proposed rule changes games including teams like citadel will fly by.

Said Ward: It will go quick, the game always goes fast but even faster now.

Chattanooga Mocs defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward thinks it will impact the offense more than the defense.

Said Ward: I think it’s an advantage for us on defense because they gotta show their formation like quicker

But are these rule changes even necessary, coach Wright doesn’t think so.

Said Wright: I don’t understand how taking time away from these kids at their plane is the right thing to do.

Also the people suggesting the rule change say it’s for player safety but coach Wright points out college football keeps adding games.

Said Wright: We’ve been playing 14–15 games if you make the playoffs and do those things. The college football playoffs worried about playing more games but we’ve been doing it at this level for a long time with less scholarships so I don’t care what the big deal is.

He completely disagrees with the the clocks starting after an incomplete pass.

Said Wright: It’s an incomplete pass. It’s always stop you now you just can’t make something up to make something up it stops everywhere on an incomplete pass.

An NCAA announcement on any changes is by March 3 after the committee meets that week in Indianapolis.

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