Mocs Football Fielding Super Veteran Team This Fall

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Chattanooga Mocs should field perhaps the most experienced team in school history this year. Of the 100 or so players on the roster, nearly half will enter their fourth season of college football, and a few of the players are nearly as old as the coaches.

Said head coach Rusty Wright:”Usually the older you are the better off you are.”
Offensive lineman Harrison Moon must be in his prime then.
He will enter his seventh college football season this fall.
Said Moon:”If you had told me as a freshman that I’d be in college for seven years I’d tell you that you were crazy, but I love every minute of it. It’s truly fun.”
Reporter:”Are you going for a doctorate?”
Said Moon:”My dad. He told me. He tells me most people in college for seven years are called doctor.”
Paging Dr. Moon. Dr. Harrison Moon.
It’s almost like UTC has assembled a semi-pro team.
23 players already have their degrees.
With that many veterans, it must feel like the game has slowed down for those experienced players, and the older guys have gotten bigger and stronger, which should obviously help on game day.
Said Wright:”We’ve got some 24 and 25-year-olds. That does help because they’ll be playing against freshmen in college. Those are 18 or 19-year-old guys. For sure that should help us in the long run.”
Having a veteran team makes life easier for the head coach.
Said Wright:”Well I mean it helps. Those guys know how to handle things for sure. They know how to handle their business. Know how to go about doing a day. Working in a day. Getting things taken care of.”
Said defensive back Jerrell Lawson:”A lot of these guys just know how to attack the game as professionals. Know how to attack their days as professionals. Just waking up knowing they have to get to it everyday. Don’t have time to slack. They just know the things that need to be done in order to accomplish the goals here. I feel like it just makes it a lot more smoother here definitely for the younger guys. They’re able to see so many guys doing the right thing. Buying into the program.”

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