Mocs Generating Sacks With Front Four Defensive Lineman

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Chattanooga Mocs have a pass rush that’s the envy of any team in football.
They can put heat on the quarterback with just their front four defensive linemen.

Jay Person leads the SoCon in sacks, but he’s not the only one up-front who can make life miserable for the quarterback.
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”Everybody has kind of had their day a little bit. Ben Brewton had a good game two or three games ago. He rushed the passer really well. Jay at East Tennessee. D-Max has had a good game. The thing is Marlon Taylor doesn’t get a bunch of sacks, but he pushes the pocket back.”
That push forces quarterbacks to push the ball out in a hurry.
Said defensive back Kameron Brown:”Normally they try to get the ball out fast because the D-line is humming back there trying to get to the quarterback.”
Coach Wright loves it when teams want more than quick throws.
Said Wright:”Sometimes you watch some coordinators. They can’t stand it. Offensive coordinators can’t stand it. They can’t take what you are giving them all day, and they get a little greedy. Then when they do, that’s when we have to make’em pay.”
Reporter:”Are you a sacks guy or a hurry up the quarterback guy?”

Wright:”I’m an incompletions guy and an interceptions guy.”
As a defensive back Kam Brown can tell when the pass rush is effective.
Said Brown:”Pretty much the receiver maybe changing up his route mid-route, so like he’s running a fade, and he has to come back to the ball. I pretty much know they probably flushed the quarterback out of the pocket or it’s pretty much a sack.”
Reporter:”Do you ever tell those guys that they make you look good with the pass rush they get or anything like that?”
Saod Brown:”Every interception I told them I get I will take them out to dinner on Thursdays.”
Reporter:”Where are you going to take them?”
Said Brown:”Probably Walk-Ons. They love the Mocs so.”>

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