Mocs Giant McClendon Curtis Just as Big Off the Field

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Mocs McClendon Curtis is a football giant, who makes a giant impact for UTC. The 6’6 offensive lineman was first team All SoCon last year, but it’s how he carries himself off the field that draws plenty of other accolades.

McClendon Curtis must feel like he has an alter ego. Cause folks keep calling him Curtis McClendon.

Said Curtis:”Sometimes with like medical stuff, and then also some people when they hear my name. I’m like yeah. They’re like Curtis. I’m like no it’s McClendon. It’s the other way around. They’re like oh okay. They get a little shook.”

I think the ground shook with the 6’6, 330 pound McClendon stepped on the practice field.

Reporter:”What size shoe do you wear?”

Said Curtis:”18. I wear 18. Been wearing it since sixth grade.”

Reporter:”Since sixth grade?”

Said Curtis:”Yes sir.”

Reporter:”Holy Cow.”

Yeah, Curtis puts the ol’ foot in football. But it’s not the measure of his shoe size that really stands out. It’s the measure of the man.

Said offensive line coach Kevin Revis:”Because you won’t find anybody that will say a bad word about him in dad gum Hamilton County.”

Let’s see. Curtis is a staple on the Dean’s List. Had a 4.0 GPA last semester. He already has his degree. And he’s a member of a student NCAA football oversight committee.

Said Revis:”I have an almost three-year-old daughter. Whenever she gets older, when she’s like 40 and ready to get married. Way down the line. That’s the type of guy. He’s the type of guy I want my daughter to marry. I don’t know what other kind of compliment I could give to a human being.”

Said Curtis:”One I like working at the YMCA. I work at the YMCA every summer with the little kids. I love being around little kids and letting them know. Especially those teenagers. Like you know there’s more to life and certain things. Everybody doesn’t come from a good home.”

Curtis wouldn’t mind finding a home next year in the NFL, like former Mocs mate, Cole Strange.

Said Curtis:”My boy Cole. It’s kind of funny. A few years ago we were both like, I don’t know what’s going to happen after this. We asked each other what are we going to do? You know he’s there now. Hopefully I get the same opportunity to get there you know.”

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