Mocs Offensive Lineman McClendon Curtis Finds Joy in Cooking

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Even though the season is over for the Mocs, offensive lineman McClendon Curtis still has another game left since he’s headed to the Senior Bowl. At 6’6, 330-pounds, Curtis certainly looks like a pro lineman, and it sounds like he’s also a pro in the kitchen. Preparing a Thanksgiving feast would be no problem for Curits.

McClendon Curtis salivates over Thanksgiving, much like former NFL legendary broadcaster John Madden.
Said Curtis:”Thanksgiving. I mean that’s my dream right there. I enjoy it.”
Curtis goes all out in the kitchen.
Said Curtis:”I enjoy the cooking part. It’s fun. Brings people together. The O-Line. I’m going to cook for my boys. This last spring when I was making food before our season started. I made. I did like a soul food Friday, and I made fried chicken or pork chops. I made like 100 pieces of chicken. It was the first college football game of the year, and we didn’t play that weekend. So everybody was in our room eatin’.”
Reporter:”How do you cook 100 pieces of chicken?”
Said Curtis:”See you find a way. You get a nice little deep fryer. I have like three of them. I think I gave one away to my brother, but I had like three of them going. That’s pretty much like ten pieces at a time.”
Curtis doesn’t just stick to the basics either.
Said Curtis:”I would say ox tails. That’s a process. Most people don’t want to take that time to make it. It’s like growing up my Mom would make them. So like getting that and putting my own twist on it.”
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”I have not partaken in any yet. He keeps. I need to. Everybody says it’s good. But he starts cooking ox tails and things like that, I’m not into all of that.”
Maybe some day, Curtis will have a cook book.
Said Curtis:”If the chef opportunity comes, I’ll take it, but I like cooking. I like seeing people smile. Food makes people smile.”

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