Mocs RB Ailym Ford Nears Another Rushing Milestone


Mocs running back Ailym Ford is sixth in the nation in rushing with 934 yards rushing.

If he gets 66 yards over his final two games, he’ll become just the fourth Moc to ever gain a thousand yards in two different seasons.

Said head coach Rusty Wright:”He’s physically different. He’s not quite as soft I would say like he was as a true freshman doing that. He wasn’t soft, but he wasn’t as defined as he is now. ”
Reporter:”Physically he said you were just a little soft, which kind of caught me off guard. (laughs) The way you work out. You like that when he says that about you?”
Said Ford:”I don’t think that’s true. He is just messing with y’all. (laughs) I’m not soft at all.”
Reporter:”How do you think you’re a better running back this year maybe as opposed to two years ago when you played full time.”
Said Ford:”As of now, I’m in better shape. I watch more film. I watch myself more. I watch the guys that I think may be better than me. I’m also more elusive and powerful and much quicker.”

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