Mocs Softball Coach Frank Reed Will Enter His 21st Season at UTC This Spring

The Mocs Frank Reed is ready to embark on another decade of coaching the UTC softball team. Reed will enter his 21st season this spring. He has already accumulated over 1,100 victories during his career. He recently spoke with News 12’s Rick Nyman about his coaching journey, which includes some tall tales on the recruiting trail.

Frank Reed never dreamed of coaching girls softball when he attended Central High School. I mean why would he.
Reed:”I can remember walking the halls of Central. We had no female sports at all when I graduated from school. That probably dates me a little bit. They had a gym for the girls, which they only did intramural sports. If you were a guy and went over in their gym while they were playing intramural sports, you got detention. That’s how far we have come. I got involved in softball with my dad. Van Zant Field is now a parking lot for the zoo. Hung out there as a little boy. Chased foul balls for DuPont, which is one of the top teams in the southeast.”
Reed started coaching when his daughters came along. Next thing you know, he’s starting the softball program at Chattanooga State. One year Reed went 62-3 with the Tigers, but he didn’t win the national title.
Reed:”I ask myself that many times. You know. I can tell you why we didn’t win it, but you probably wouldn’t believe me. We should have won it. We got down to one game with a situation where our pitched didn’t play well. Had an Australian pitcher in. She didn’t play well. She wasn’t excited about her performance. Tried to motivate here to do a little better, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.”

When UTC hired Reed, he was ready to go, but the Mocs wouldn’t let him loose.
Reed:”I wanted to go recruiting right away, and they said you have to take a recruiting test. I said um, I’ll do that when I get back. Oh no. You can’t do that. So I took this recruiting test. He took it and walked down the hall. He was running and threw his hands up and said you passed. I said great. I’m going to Atlanta to recruit.”
Speaking of recruiting, Reed had a unique experience recruiting Gordon Lee’s Gracey Kruse.
Reed:”She asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said I just want you to commit for Christmas. She took that literally. We were having a Christmas party at my other daughter’s house, who she didn’t even know. She did some research. Found out where we were going to be on Christmas Eve. Shows up at the door. Knocks on the door. There’s her mom. Her dad. Her little sister. She says here’s your Christmas present. I’m here to be a Moc.”

Reed just signed 8 new players this month, which has him excited for the future of the program.
Reed:”Don’t like to put it out there, but I think we’re putting together the next two years some teams that might be able to make an indenture into not just more than a regional.”

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