Mocs Would Love to Continue String of FCS Upsets Against Kentucky

We’re getting March Madness about six months early.
In college football this season, we’ve seen eight FCS teams knock off the bigger FBS teams.
The Mocs would love to add to the madness Saturday as they battle Kentucky.

Said Mocs head coach Rusty Wright:”But I mean that’s the thing. You’ve got to show up and play. Doesn’t matter what level you’re at. You’ve got to show up and play because crazy things happen.”
No doubt about it.
We saw that Saturday at Florida State as the FCS bretheren Jacksonville State beat the Seminoles on a hail mary.
That kind of win certainly caught the Mocs attention.
Said Mocs tight end Chris James:”Yeah you see it around SportsCenter and ESPN and stuff, and it’s definitely in the back of your head when you go play a team like this.”
So why are we seeing so many FCS upsets?
Said Wright:”It has happened more this year probably because you’ve got more folks back. You’ve got an older group back at a lot of places. I think that super senior deal at every level has helping.”
But the Mocs understand that beating a D-One school like Kentucky will take a huge effort.
Said Mocs defensive back Rashun Freeman:”We’re not used to just playing in a stadium with 50 to 100-thousand people. That’s the biggest hing at least for me.”
Said Wright:”You know sometimes you’ve got to weather some storms to get it done and hang in there and keep hanging in there. That’s the thing. You can’t let it snowball and just get out of control, and then the wheels come off the tracks.”
Said James:”I think that’s kind of what happened at Tennessee in 2019. We kind of got hit in the mouth early, but I think if we can come out and hit them in the mouth first, we can keep it kind of competitive.”

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