Mom To Mom – Banana Bites

Today, on Mom to Mom. We have a quick, healthy snack for the entire family.

Today we are making banana yogurt bites. My kids absolutely love anything and everything bananas, so I always try to find different types of recipes. They’re a little bit on the healthier side, so they’ll eat them and enjoy it at the same time. But these are great for little ones to eat as well. So, what you need are some bananas, some chia seeds, which is really good fiber, and some Greek yogurt. I like the vanilla kind just because it gives a little bit more flavor and some nut butter. You can use almond butter or sunflower butter. Those tend to be a little bit healthier than regular peanut butter. But if you’re going to choose peanut butter, maybe go for the natural kind.

What you want to do is slice up your bananas and put them on parchment paper. Once you have them on parchment paper, you’re going to take like a cup or a spoon and kind of mash down the banana where it’s a little bit kind of like a banana chip. Once you have all your bananas mashed down, then you’re going to scoop out your yogurt and put it on the top of the bananas. Once you melt your peanut butter, you’re going to drizzle it on top of the bananas. Then throw your chia seeds on there, and then pop it into the freezer for about two hours. Once that’s done, then your kids are ready to eat and enjoy these nice, healthy treats. We love these and hopefully you will too. If you have any great snack ideas, please message them to us up on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.


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