Mom to Mom – Christmas Bags

Today we are making cute little reindeer gift bags. So if you’ve got a gift that you want to give someone, maybe your kids, or you could wrap a present for your kids in these cute little reindeer bags. It’s super simple and very inexpensive. So what you’re going to need are some brown paper bags, some jumbo candy canes, really any candy cane will work but I like the jumbo ones. Some tissue, some googly eyes, and then some of these pompoms that you can get at a craft store, some craft glue, and some tape. So why don’t we start making these cute little bags?

What you’re going to want to do first is kind of put the reindeer’s face on. So we’re going to take our crafters glue and just glue these googly eyes on. Then once you have those on, we’re going to take the red puff nose with the craft glue and put it right on there. Now once we have that, we’re going to open up the bag and take our cute little jumbo sized candy canes and we’re going to take these in. Now, I recommend kind of like the packing tape just to hold them because they’re a little bit heavy.

Once you have the antlers in, then you can stick your gift in there, fill it with some red tissue paper, and you have the cutest little DIY gift bag on a budget. It’s really super cute and your kids will love it or their friends will love it. Even a teacher will love it. If you have any wonderful ideas, we’d love to hear about it and you might see that on the next Mom to Mom.

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