Mom To Mom – Create a College Care Package

We have a fun care package for your college kiddos. My daughter just recently went to college and I wanted to send her a fun care package that wasn’t too fancy, but it was fun and usable. And what’s more fun and usable than M&M’s and money? So basically all we’re going to do today is make a Mason jar filled with just that. All you’re going to need is a Mason jar, some M&M’s and a toilet paper roll and cash. Let’s make these, shall we?

So you can use either a glass Mason jar or plastic, whatever you prefer. And then you are going to start building this together, which is really easy, by the way, you’ll take your toilet paper roll, stick it right in the middle of the Mason jar, then you’ll take your M&M’s and actually sprinkle them all around the outside of the paper roll. Then once you’re done doing that, you can roll your money up, stick it in the middle of the toilet paper roll, seal it, and your college student will have a nice little surprise. They won’t even know they have money until they open the lid

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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