Mom to Mom – Create a Mother’s Day Gift with Handprint Tulip Towels

We have an easy, yet adorable Mother’s Day gift. Take it from this mom. Handmade gifts are always welcome for Mother’s Day. So today we are making hand print tulip towels. All you’re going to need are some tea towels, which you can get at a craft store, Amazon, Walmart, some fabric paint, some toilet paper rolls, some paint brushes, and a permanent marker. Now let’s grab the kiddos and make these fun tulip hand print towels.

So first we’re going to start with the tea towel. We’re going to make sure it’s nice and flat. Then you’re going to take your kids hand and paint it. Then we’re going to press it right onto the tea towel. Gently lift the kids’ hand up off the tea towel. If there’s some spots that didn’t really take, that’s okay. You can fill it in with a paint brush. Now you want to make the stem. And if you feel like your kids are going to mess it up, you can always paint the stem for them.

Now onto the toilet paper rolls. This is why I like to have these because it’s super easy to create a leaf. So you’re going to take the green paint and put it on a plastic area. Then you’re going to dip the paper roll into the paint. Then once you have it dipped in the paint, you’re going to squeeze it into the shape of a leaf, and then you’re going to press it onto the stem. Once you pull that off, you can fill it in, your kids can fill it in. Just have fun with it. Then I like to have the kids personalize it a little bit. I have them write their name on a piece of paper, and then I trace it on to the tea towel for them how they wrote their name in a Sharpie. And it’s just super personalized. It looks like they wrote it on there and it’s easy all the way around.

These are great for grandmas, the mom, or anyone who the kid has a personal relationship to. If you happen to do this, I would love to see those pictures. Moms, if you have any wonderful ideas, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

  • Amanda Nighbert
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