Mom to Mom – Create Your Own Homemade Paint

My kids love to paint, but you don’t always have it on hand. So I happen to come across this really cool recipe that uses ingredients right in your own home. And it’s so easy to make.

All you need is flour, salt, and food coloring, water and of course these little squeezable bottles. I like the ones with the caps on them, just so it keeps your paint from drying out. And you can really find these anywhere, Walmart, Amazon, any craft store.

Let’s get started and make our paint. In a large bowl add two cups of salt, which I already have in here. Then you’re going to take two cups of flour and then add two cups of water and just start mixing it all together until it’s nice and smooth. Once you have your mixture good and mixed, you want to start putting it into your squeezable bottles. You can experiment with the color, just add however many drops of food coloring you want. Then shake it up really good. Now it’s time for your kids to paint.

I like to have the caps on it though. So whenever your child is done, you can store it easily. Now it might tend to separate a little bit. All you got to do is give it a good little shake and it’s back to its normal painting self. What I love about this paint is it’s super easy to clean and it’s absolutely edible. So they happen to get it on their hands, put their hands in their mouth, it’s worry free.

Now I do like to kind of keep it for about three to four days after that I’ll dispose of it. It’s pretty inexpensive to make so you can always make more whenever you need to. Kids seem to really enjoy this and it doesn’t matter if you get super messy.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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