Mom To Mom – Dish Towels

Join us in Mom To Mom for a fun, Valentine's craft!


Today on mom to mom we have a Valentine’s craft that will make for the perfect gift. Today we are making a handprint kitchen towel.

Now, I love handprints on anything. Because it’s a good memory of your kids being this little because they only stay a little for so long. Plus they make perfect gifts for grandma, dad or even for yourself, it makes for a great decoration around the house on the holidays. So what you’re going to do, you’re going to need some kitchen tea towels, which you can get in a craft store, some red paint some green paint, I like to use the puffy paint in black just so you can write on it. And then you’re going to need your paint brushes.

So we’re ready to assemble this you want to grab your little kiddo and start painting their hand red, paint it as good as you possibly can. Once you have it painted, then you’re going to take their hand and kind of press it on the tea towel upside down. Once you think you’ve got all the paint on there pretty good, then you pull up the hand. Now we’re going to let that dry for about 1015 minutes, we’re going to come back and put on our greenery for like the stem. Once you have that painted, let that dry for a little bit.

Then you’re going to write whatever you want on there. So if it’s for a loved one, say I love you very much and then put their name on the bottom. If it’s for a teacher say you are the very best however you want to do it. It’s just a fun way to give a gift to someone you love or keep it for yourself and hang it up on the stove or wherever you want to in your house. Moms. If you love this idea, let us know about it or if you’ve got something wonderful that you would like for us to try. message us on our Facebook page and we’ll see you on the next month to month.

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