Mom To Mom – DIY Dog Toys

Today on Mom to Mom, I'm going to save you some money on those dog toys.

Today on Mom to Mom, I’m going to save you some money on those dog toys. Today, we are making DIY dog toys. I’ve come to realize recently that you don’t have to spend money on these dog toys. My son recently asked me if we could buy our dog a rope so he could play with her, and then I realized, you know what, there’s probably an easier, cheaper way to do this. And I came across this really cute idea for DIY dog toys, and all you need are some old T-shirts in your house and some scissors. So, if you’re ready, we’ll get started on making these dog toys. So, you’re going to take these old T-shirts and you probably need about two T-shirts to make one dog toy.

So, you’re going to take the T-shirt and then cut it right under the armpits all the way across. Once you have your T-shirt cut, then you’re going to go by the incisions and kind of cut smaller pieces about an inch apart and keep doing that all the way down to the shirt. Then you’re going to come back, and you can either take those pieces that you cut and just rip the shirt right up into each individual piece. Or if the shirt is too tough, you can actually use the scissors to cut all the way up.

So once you have your three pieces separated, you are going to take an extra piece, then you’re going to wrap the piece around that you have that’s loose and tie it into a knot, as tight as you possibly can. Then you’re going to take your three pieces and just start braiding, just like you would some hair. Once you’re done, then you’re going to wrap up the bottom again with an extra loose piece and then you have your dog toy. Hopefully, your dogs will love this as much as ours do. And as I said, these are very cheap, it’s actually free and your dogs are going to tear it up anyways, so it doesn’t get any better than that. If you have any other great ideas on some DIY dog toys, we’d love to hear about it, and we’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.

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