Mom to Mom- Glowing Snowman

Today on Mom to mom, we have a fun winter themed craft for your toddlers.

Today we are making glow in the dark snowman which makes for a really good sensory item and I love sensory bottles because it helps your toddlers explore with their senses. It’s a calming tool and it’s just all around a great way to keep them busy.

So what you’re going to need for this fun activity is some glow in the dark glitter glue, a sharpie, scissors, and some googly eyes, some pipe cleaners, some orange paper and a bottle.  You can use any bottled, water bottles or whatever you’ve got lying around your house will work perfect. So now we’re going to assemble this glow in the dark snowman, so what you want to do is fill the snowman about two thirds of the way then you want to assemble your snowman. You could put your googly eyes on, I use craft glue.  Then you can glue your nose and then you can take your sharpie and just do some eyebrows, a fun mouth, and the buttons. Then you can take your pipe cleaner and kind of just tied around the bottle to make it look like the scarf for the snowman. Then you’re going to take your glitter glue and dumped half of that in there, then once you’ve got it in there you’re going to stir as much as you can.  Now there might be a few little clumps and that’s okay, they will work its way out. So once you’ve got all that together and then you put the lid on. And once it is assembled, you can hand it to your toddler, turn out the lights, they’re going to love this activity. They can even help you put on the eyes and all that stuff.

If you like this idea if you have any other wonderful sensory item ideas we’d love to hear about it you can message us on our Facebook page we’ll see you on the next  Mom to Mom.

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