Mom to Mom – Halloween Mac and Cheese

Before your kiddos head out to trick or treat, I’ve got the cutest way to help fill up their bellies. Today we are going to treat your kiddos with a festive Halloween dinner that you can make in just five to 10 minutes. It is our Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Mac and Cheese. It’s super easy to do. So what you’re going to need for this are some clear plastic cups, of course, macaroni and cheese, a sharpie, and then you’re going to need a cucumber. Let’s put all this together and show you how to make this cute little treat. So first, you’re going to want to make your macaroni and cheese. Just follow the box accordingly. While that’s cooking, you’re going to grab your plastic cup and a sharpie.

Then you’re going to draw a Jack-O-Lantern face. You could do it however you like, I just do it the simple way. So I do two triangles, a little nose, and then a squiggly little mouth. Then you’re going to cut up your cucumber. I like to cut it in half, and then cut it accordingly from there. Once your macaroni and cheese is done, you’re going to put it in your cups. Once your cheese is in your cups, then you’re going to take your cucumber and stick it in there and then you’ve got your cute little Jack-O-Lantern. Your kids will absolutely love this. You can give it to them for parties or before they head out for trick or treating. If you got any great ideas, let’s hear them. We’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.

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