Mom To Mom – How To Make A Sponge Sailboat

One thing I remember about my kids the most when they were younger is they love to play with water and water activity. So we have this really fun activity that you can do with your kids that they can take in the bath, or they can play with it outside. So today we are making sponge sailboats. You have all this stuff, probably lying around your house. What you’re going to need is some construction paper, some wooden skewers, some sponges, and some glue and scissors. And I also use some wire cutters if your skewers are a little bit longer, that way you can cut them a little bit easy. The scissors, not so much. Let’s get this started and start making our sailboats. So first you are going to want to make your sail. I drew a triangle and I used my fingers to measure, so about four inches.

You put that on your paper, cut it out. So then you’re going to make the top of the flag, which I drew a diamond shape, which is going to be smaller than the actual sail, so I’d say about an inch. You’re going to cut that out. And we’re going to fold that over the top of the skewer and glue it together. Let that dry, then you can actually take the sail and puncture two holes through, and then you can grab your sponge. You can leave it the way it is, or you can trim it to however you like. And then you’re going to take the skewer and put it through the sponge. And we have our sailboat. It’s really that easy.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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