Mom To Mom – Show Your Patriotism By Making Your Own Independence Day Shirts

We have an easy DIY 4th of July project for your kiddos. As a family, we love wearing matching t-shirts for the 4th of July. And sometimes you can’t always find them, or they’re more on the expensive side. That’s why I really love this DIY 4th of July hand printed t-shirt that your kids can do, and the whole family will look great in them. So basically all you’re going to need for this is a plain white t-shirt that you can get it at craft store or Walmart anywhere. Then you’re going to need some fabric paint, paint brush, a cardboard box. I like to use an envelope and you’ll see why I use that in just a little bit and a pencil. So let’s get started on making our t-shirts. So first you want to take your shirt and kind of lay it out flat on the table. Then you want to take your cardboard box and slip it in between the shirt. That way, whenever the paint goes through, it will stick on the cardboard box and not on the other side.

Once you have your cardboard in your shirt, you want to grab your kid or whoever shirt you’re working on. That’s where you want to put the blue paint on the hand and spread it out with the paint brush. So go ahead and mash your hand on the t-shirt. Now, once you have that good and press on there, you’re going to pull it up slowly. And if you need to fill in any, you can.

All right, now we’re going to make our stripes. This is where the envelope comes in handy. I like to take the envelope and use a pencil to kind of outline my stripes, and you’re going to do three up top, close to the hand. Then you’re going to do two long ones on the bottom. Then you take your red paint and you spread it out. And that’s when you can have fun with your lines, you can do it however you want. You can blotch, you can stripe up, you can do a solid line. However you want to do it. It’s your shirt. Make it look the best. Once you have this done, let it dry overnight. And you have a 4th of July shirt that you and your family are going to love, because you all match. And it was fairly cheap. Moms, if you have any great ideas, we’d love to hear about it. You can share it with us on our Facebook page and we’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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