Mom to Mom- Letter Toilet Paper Match Game

Today on Mom to Mom. We have a DIY educational activity for your kids. We are making a cardboard letter match for those little ones who are looking to learn maybe their ABCs or their numbers. It’s fun and inexpensive. You have all the stuff in your house, or you should.

So, what you’re going to need to make this a letter match is a toilet paper roll. Some of those sticker dots. You’re going to need a Sharpie, and that’s it, that’s all we’re going to do. So let me show you how I created this, and then we’ll talk about how it works.

All right. So, what you want to do is take your toilet paper roll and then just start writing your alphabet on there. If you want to start with so many, maybe A through N, you can do that and then do the rest on another tilt paper roll. So, we’re going to write these letters on here. Then you are going to write the letters on your sticker dots. Once you’re done doing that, then you’re going to grab your little one and pretty much just show them how to do it. So, they want to take the letter A and match it to the letter A on the toilet paper roll, and so forth. Once they finish that, then you could probably work on their numbers, or if you wanted to spell out a word. However, you want to do it, to help your kiddos learn their letters and their numbers, that’s perfect.

They’ll always enjoy this. It’s super cheap and inexpensive and it’s just a lot of fun. If you have any wonderful ideas, maybe we’ll do this on the next Mom to Mom. You can message us, and we’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.


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