Mom To Mom – Make a Delicious Marshmallow July 4th Treat

If you have a holiday party coming up, the 4th of July, and you’re needing to bring a dish, I love this fun holiday themed 4th of July dessert, especially because it’s super easy and you probably already have the ingredients in your house.

So what you’re going to need for this are some strawberries, toothpick, some sugar sprinkles, make sure that they’re blue and of course, marshmallow fluff, or you could also use white chocolate as well. I like to be super easy, because it’s hard to melt chocolate and the marshmallow taste extra yummy, so let’s start making this.

So what you want to do first is you want to take your toothpick and put it in the top of the strawberry. Now once you have it in the strawberry, you are going to dip your strawberry into the marshmallow fluff. I like to take a knife and kind of spread it around the top, because it looks a lot smoother that way. Once you have your marshmallow on top of that, then you’re going to take your blue sprinkles and sprinkle it on the bottom, making a blue, white, and red theme for your 4th of July party. The best part about this is they’re super healthy as well, minus is the sugar sprinkles, but it’s still delicious and everybody’s going to love the way it looks at your party.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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