Mom To Mom – Make a Halloween Shirt for Your Kid Boo

Here’s a fun way to make Halloween shirts for your little boo. It’s a very easy and non-expensive way to create those Halloween shirts with bleach. You only need a few other items.

Start off by laying your shirt on a trash bag, just to make sure that we don’t get bleach everywhere. Get these letters that you can put on the shirt. A spray bottle that you put your bleach in and then, of course, bleach.

Mom to Mom - Halloween ShirtThe first thing that you want to do is put the bleach in your spray bottle. Once you have that ready to go, then you’re going to put the letters out that you want to spell. In this case, we’re going to do “Boo” because it’s Halloween and it’s super cute and easy. Put the letters down and then we’re going to have some fun with our bleach.

I like to crinkle the shirt in certain areas before I spray the bleach down, and the lighter you spray the bleach, the quicker it takes and makes an orange color. If you spray the bleach in a certain area more, it tends to be a little whiter. If you have a little boy, he might like it that way. If you have a little girl, the lighter the bleach you spray, the more orange it will be.

Mom To Mom - Halloween ShirtLet your shirt sit for a few hours to let it dry. Now, if your letters seem to be extra wet, you can take a hairdryer to it, just so the stickiness of the sticker comes off a little bit better. After it dries, then wash it and it’s ready to wear.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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