Mom To Mom – Make Your Own Confetti Popper for New Year’s Eve

We’re always looking for fun and different ways to celebrate the holidays. So we’ve decided this year we’re going to make DIY confetti poppers.

All you need, and it’s probably right in your house, are some toilet paper rolls, some confetti, some duct tape, scissors, balloons, and maybe some puff paint to do a little decoration. Now that we have all of our supplies together, now we can assemble.

Take your balloon and tie the very end of it together. Now, once you have a good knot in it, you want to take your scissors and cut the very end of the balloon. Then, you’re going to take that balloon and stretch it over the toilet paper roll.

Now, once you have it tightly on the toilet paper roll, you’re going to take your duct tape and just wrap it around until it gets good and secure. Once that’s finished, you can actually start to decorate if you want to.

Once you’re done decorating now, it’s time for the fun part. Of course, when it comes to counting down, you get ready, and then there’s your confetti.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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