Mom To Mom – Make Your Weeknights Easier By Simplifying Your Mealplan

Registered Dietician Amanda Nighbert has these tips to simplify your meal planning because sometimes it can be difficult.

Healthy eating requires some effort. If you can find strategies to make getting healthy food on the table quick and easy, you’re going to be more successful. Sitting down once a week and looking at the week to come and determining your meals that you’re going to cook can be a really great strategy.

One way to simplify this process is to create themes around your weekly days. For example, maybe Monday is always meatless Monday. So all you need is four vegetarian meals for the month to come. Maybe Tuesday is always taco Tuesday and you’re not necessarily going to eat tacos every Tuesday, but you may do an enchilada dish one week. You may do a burrito dish the next week. So you have that theme going on.

You can even do it with take out. Maybe every Thursday you do take out and you pick a different takeout menu to apply for that healthy meal. So think about creating themes around your days so that you can have just four recipes for the month to come and make meal planning simple.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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