Mom To Mom – Prank Your Kids With Sour Grapes

We’re going to turn this sweet treat into a fun little prank for your kids. My kids always love to play jokes on me when it comes to very sour type of candies. They love to watch my face. So I figured why not pay it back and get them with a fun sweet treat when it comes to grapes. I happen to come across some Starburst gelatin, and they really are pretty sour, especially when you mix them with the grapes and watching their face when they eat them is just absolutely priceless. So obviously, you want to start with the Starburst brand gelatin. They make other kinds, but I went with these three. So you want to put your gelatin in a bowl, then you want to have a separate bowl and just fill it with water. Then you’re going to grab a toothpick, poke the grape and then dip the grape in the water. Roll it in the gelatin. You can coat it however you like, a little bit or a lot.

I’ll tell you a little bit goes a long way, but I like to do a lot just to watch their faces. Once you’re done with that, just set it on the plate and keep the process going. Once you have enough, you’ll stick it in the freezer for about 20, 30 minutes and then, you can have fun by watching your kids enjoy this very sweet tart treat. By freezing these, it really transform the grape into that candy texture and trust me when I say your kids are going to love it, and you’re going to love the look on their faces.

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  • Amanda Nighbert
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