Mom to Mom – Pumpkin Turkey

We have a super cute idea for those leftover pumpkins from Halloween. We are turning your leftover pumpkins from Halloween into cute little turkeys that your kids are absolutely going to love, and you can actually use this for your decorations at the Thanksgiving Day table. So, what you’re going to need are your smaller pumpkins. I have the smaller ones, but the miniature ones actually work a little bit better. But as you can see right here, they’re still pretty cute. So, what you want to do is grab some pumpkins, some foamy paper. You’re going to need brown, yellow, and orange or red.

Then you’re going to need some leaves that you can get from your front yard, front or backyard, or you can buy them at the store. I have store-bought ones right now. Or you can find some cute little colored feathers at the craft store as well, some googly eyes and your hot glue guns. So, let’s put these cute little guys together. You can grab the kids. It’s fairly easy to do and have a lot of fun. So first, you’re going to cut the turkey head out of the brown foam. Then you’re going to cut the gobbler out. Once you have those all cut out, you’re… Oh, and I can’t forget the feet. How dare I? You’re also going to want to cut the feet as well.

So, once you have all your pieces and parts cut, then you can start hot gluing them together. This is probably where you want to help the kids out, just because it’s a little bit hot. Now, once you have the head put together, then you’re going to hot glue it to the stem of the pumpkin. Once you have that dried a little bit, you are going to now grab your feathers and glue those to the back. The kids like to have a lot of fun with this one, so let them pick however many they want to put on the back. I like to use about four, but it just depends. So let’s hot glue those on. Once that’s dried, you have your cute little pumpkin to set at the dinner table or just decorate around the house for Thanksgiving. If you have any cute ideas, moms, we’d love to hear about it. We’ll see you on the next Mom to Mom.